Friday, 25 January 2013

Arts and crafts in Fuengirola

My sister's kids can, at best, be rather a charming pair. But they're not ready to be taken out in public yet. They are missing the art of sugar coating. These rascals tell it like it is and quickly yank one's feet back on the ground- should one ever start getting ideas of herself or the excellence of her skills, be it arts and crafts, cooking or sense of humour.

And lest I get all big-headed about my own handiness, I'll share with you a couple of pictures from Fuengirola over the festive period.  Someone really pushed the boat out with these figurines- carved out of sand. 

Puts my childhood's attempts at sand castles to serious shame...

We never could quite decipher the purpose of the plastic pints. Though I suppose the sand donkey needs its tipple too...?

(There's something sinister about that angel figure. Is it just me or does it look like Paul O'Grady...?)

Sandy sucklings.

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