Monday, 28 January 2013

Craving for cannolis

Some years ago I was working in Tunisia. There we fell in love with an Italian restaurant which won me over with its lobster tank. And the free Champagne Luigi had sent over to our table. And with its cannolis- flown fresh each morning from Sicily...

Looking at the somewhat eccentric clientele we weren't always quite sure if these dessert delicacies were the only thing being imported from Italy... and sure, there's always a chance the talk about flying cannolis over was just, well, talk. But I'm not sure I even care- they were that good.

I'd happily go back to Tunisia for that restaurant, Aux Bon Vieux Temps ,alone. But due to the global recession I'm forced to medicate that longing with homespun methods. So, I made cannolis out of those oat cookies.

They can be moulded into tube-like shape when they are still warm and pliable coming out of the oven. Let them cool just a little bit and lift on top of a rolling pin or another similar tool. Or you can choose the less stressful way: let the cookies cool in peace and then warm them individually in the microwave, 10 seconds full blast. Then fold the softened cookie into desired shape. A useful tip: do slip a piece of parchment paper between your palm and the hot cookie... 

Food nazi's perfectionist attempts to a precise presentation sometimes take on a tragicomical tone. The shots below required a couple of 1st degree burns, childrens' (not mine) Play Doh miniature rolling pin, pepper flavour cream cheese and 2 batches of failed cookie dough. The observers found all this a bit... extreme, bordering on obsessive. But did I find peace of mind? You bet.

Having mastered the cannoli rolling just guess what we've been having every day since? Yep- cannolis. I might never have to back to Tunisia after all...


(makes 5 cannolis) 

100 gr natural cream cheese
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
1 tsp lemon juice

Dark chocolate shavings for sprinkling (optional)

Mix he ingredient and pipe into cannoli tubes.

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