Monday, 21 January 2013

Land of milk and honey

Lately the wind - especially at night -  has grown really strong. Too a point that without the reassuringly bodyguard-like presence of The Gentleman I'd be too scared to sleep. Next to the howling and wailing of the wind even his jet engine-like snoring is the lesser evil.

In Mijas Pueblo the sky remained sinister well into the day...

The Old Town of Mijas is a village that once upon a time, with its narrow cobble-stoned streets lined with white-washed houses and orange trees was picturesque personified. These days it's a popular stop for Japanese tourist buses armed with their Canons taking pictures of the generic souvenir and leather goods- stands that one finds everywhere from here to the coastal villages across the Mediterranean. Though sure, this makes a lot more convenient day trip destination than, say, Morocco, Tunisia or Egypt.

Mijas , like the rest of this region is known for the local honey (the name of a nearby village Arroyo de la Miel actually means "the river of honey"), so that's worth stocking up on. It's dark, thick, toasty, sweet, rich...simply divine!

These days Mijas is also home to the "smallest chocolate factory in the world". Mayan Monkey sell their hand-made chocolate in their little shop in the centre of the village. They also organize chocolate-making workshops that are worth checking out. The world might not have ended, but me and The Gentleman with our elbows deep in chocolate just might be a Mayan prediction about to come true...!

Their high-cocoa content chocolates are just as delicious as they sound. Our favourite is the salted nut. And chili-ginger. And coconut...

Photos: Mayan Monkey Mijas

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