Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tunisia's winest

At least back in 2011 Tunisia was a bit of a disappointment for a foodie. There are restaurants, but majority of them are disappointing in regard to the quality of the customer service, food... or both.

I was, however, explained that Tunisians don't really eat out and that for Ahmed Average the prices of the so called quality establishments are well and truly beyond his reach. 

For someone so used to the extortionate pricing back home this came as a bit of a culture shock - even including tips (increasingly wide-spread custom, recommended level stands around 10%) and wines the price of a 3-course meal for 2 was wayyyy under 100€.

But I kept looking, when ever there weren't riots on the streets or when the tear gas situation and/or curfews allowed leaving the flat in the first place with or when I wasn't greeted by protesters shot to death at my doorstep.

And we did discover a couple of gems- more on these in Around the world- section.  One thing worth remembering is that while medinas (the old town) are wonderful and worth exploring, restaurants located there rarely serve any alcohol.

However, Tunisia did teach me to drink and even appreciate rosé wine, something I'd long  ignored as the dysfunctional freak member of the wine family and I've been looking the world through rosé- tinted glass ever since. Already the kosher rosé available at Mamie Lily, a kosher restaurant in La Goulette in Tunis was good. But what really blew my mind was a trip to Kurubis- vinyard in Korba, near Nabeul. 

Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu! The wine produced there is easily the best in Tunisia. A large portion goes for export, so at the Duty Free paradises of the biggest airports one might actually find some. 

The proprietors are so passionate about the quality of their wine that they only allow the very best restaurants in Tunisia to serve it and even then only after a careful inspection into the storage and serving conditions. 

Dessert wine is a another taste yet for me to acquire, but S de Kurubis is surely what they serve in Heaven as well. And we all know that over there the Happy Hour goes on for all eternity...

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