Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Welcome- Bienvenido!

I admit- my attitude towards Costa del Sol has always been somewhat... lacklustre. Merely hearing the word Torremolinos makes me tremble- and not in a good way. Fuengirola, too, had in my mind established a reputation as a place where good taste (and barmaids on Corrie) goes to die.

I, on the other hand thrived on taking the road less travelled and journeyed around the Middle East; sometimes on camels, other times on illegal taxis. I went through a war, an evacuation, an occupation and a revolution. I suffered from stomach bugs, dehydration and home sickness. I got robbed, cheated and tear gassed. 

My love for that part of the world is still strong, but even stronger is my love for an English Gentleman. And the said English Gentleman happens to own a house on that very coast.

His family has had a place near Benalmadena for decades. About five years ago he purchased the villa we have today. Since then the intrepidity of my globe-trotting has gone through a significant change (menopause?) and these days I spend a lot of my time in Spain. And away from the "English breakfast all day long"- serving pubs and counterfeit Casio- dealing promenades Spain has shown me a completely different side.

Over the years I have come to appreciate this little piece of sun in a new way. Although I still tell people I'm off to Andalusia... I still don't speak Spanish and have yet to get excited about golf. That is a shame, since there are more courses here than there are plaid trousers in my closet.

Instead of consuming calories I've specialized in collecting them. I'm fully proficient in menus and love exploring small coastal villages - their tapas- bars in particular. My state of the art- kitchen stadium (courtesy of The Gentleman's arms race) also allows me to make the most of the lovely, fresh produce that Andalusia has to offer.

My love for cooking has blossomed too in a completely new way. Luckily The Gentleman has turned out to be a very grateful audience. The menswear shops in the surrounding villages share the gratitude too, seeing how The Gentleman and his ever-increasing size keeps them in business...


  1. Very good sweety,lovely style of writing you have.

  2. Thank you, babelicious! Watch this space... :-)