Thursday, 31 January 2013

Winner takes (almost) all

I'm going to need a moment to catch my breath over here- my entry won the Finnish food blogger's monthly food challenge. With first ever attempt! PHEEW.

A huge thank you for all the fellow participants and the voters. The racae was tough- in the end the victory was secured with just one vote. Now I know how Kimi Räikkönen feels!

Other contestants were such an accomplished bunch that I'm feeling rather humble. I highly recommend you check out their entries as well.

The first runner up, Chef Jones' smoked chilli and raspberry jam seduces with its picture alone. And pork and peanut curry by Kulinaarimurut can only be sublime, right? Yaelian's lentil stew on the other hand re-ignited my love of Ethiopian food - last time I had proper Ethiopian was in fact in Israel.

My head is fuming trying to come up with an appropriate challenge for February. Am I going to go for a colour scheme? Atmosphere? Gastronomical geography? Or a single ingredient? That all will be revealed soon- stay tuned!

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