Thursday, 17 January 2013

Winter à la Andalusia

The light here, as is evident from the pictures, is still cold, but the sun is warm.

Off-season Costa is so very quiet. The beaches are empty. The boats are hibernating. The abandoned water slides barely remember the screams of delight so audible in the July heat.

The carousel horses on the promenade in Fuengirola, too, look lonely as they wait for the new riders to  hop onboard. 

There's something so very Parisian about carousels; reminiscent of a world gone by. Or perhaps my desperately romantic psyche has conditioned me to see wistful longing everywhere I go...?

That sinking feeling eating its way through your soul can, of course, be a sign of something else- such as hunger. So, off to the lunch it was!

The road took us to a familiar restaurant close to Fuengirola town centre, at the corner of the square in front of the Church Nuestra Señora del Rosario Coronada. Their menu comprises of both cold and hot portions, raciones,  (some with more contemporary and even Asian twist- I can recommend their duck with mandarin sauce and oxtail- wontons! ) and daily specials. Today's special was Revuelto de Esparragos con Gambas: scrambled eggs with green asparagus tossed in with fried potatos and king prawns. This would be a good way to use those Sunday lunch leftover roasties. If we ever had any... 

This I'll have to try soon!

The wine was delicious (and cheap!) These days Albariño seems to be our answer to all the problems world throws our way...!

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