Sunday, 10 March 2013

Noshing in Nerja

In addition to the phenomenal caves, Nerja has some other sights too. Such as this 14th century aqueduct.

Our hunger for culture was somewhat restrained by a genuine hunger. And a torrential rain we found ourselves in the middle of.

As we were trawling through the giant puddle that was the little town of Nerja I can't say were terribly impressed. Though in those conditions Eldorado itself would have been needed. Provided its streets, paved with lamb chops, had been lined with trees dripping foie gras...

After what felt like endless search for something that a) was open and b)looked even remotely interesting we ended up in Calle Gloria, where majority of the restaurants (apart from the token Irish pubs and beach-side promenade pizza places) are located.

And our lunch was... ok. I started with mussels in spicy sauce. Which was not spicy. The Gentleman, who genuinely (read: no vodka and tomato juice required) appreciates celery, would have probably appreciated the sauce my mussels came in much more than I did anyway. Too bad he's allergic to bivalves... I just found the sauce a tad... tinned veg-like.

The leg of lamb The Gentleman had was... ok, too. But compared to the one we had in Ronda... oy! No contest there. This one didn't stand a chance. At this point we started to get worried. Are we getting obnoxiously fussy? Isn't anything good enough for us any more?

As far as presentation went, the restaurant was very typically Spanish, I pointed out (with a tone bordering on bitchy...) as my main was carried to the table. But my bitchiness melted away as soon as I took the first bite.

I had chosen ox-tail- a local speciality. And special it was.

It was so succulent and fall-apart-from-the-bone-melt-in-your-mouth-tender it was one of the best things I've ever put in my mounth in Spain. And what do you know  - after the lunch even the sun started to shine. As did my eyes after spotting Salvador, a bakery on Calle Granada.

I started the journey back home with a palmera the size of my head. My "bikini shape by 2043"- project is probably going to need a new, even farther deadline...

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