Thursday, 28 March 2013

Penne with chorizo

Since on top of everything else it was also free, I had to admit I'd ran out of excuses and agreed to got to the gym with my friend. It'd been years since the last time. But I can tell you distance hadn't made my heart grow any fonder...

But my aimless wondering around the equipment must have burnt at leats three calories and I emerged from the place not lookimng like a supermodel, but feeling hungry. And carbs are just what the athletes need, right? Especially since I haven't cooked any pasta in this blog yet!

This is the pasta I used to make with the local merguez back in Tunisia. Close to my home there was a synagogue and across the street from it a kosher butcher selling kosher merguez. I wanted to find a way to make the dish kosher too, so inspired by pide, I replaced the cream with an egg. And lo and behold, I saw it was good. You could also just use the yolk and save the egg whites for meringue (recipe to come shortly!).

The star in this act is a good, spicy fresh sausage. In case yours isnät very spicy or you just want  more kick, add 1,5 tsp chopped fresh chillies, 1 tsp pimiento and 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic.

In all its versatility pasta is an amazing thing. And quick one too: unless you start slowcooking a rustic ragu, just about any sauce will be ready in the time it takes to cook the macaroni. Fast, fabulous and fuss-free!

This is also our entry to Moko's best pasta- competition in Finland.

Serves 2

150 g penne
1 large red onion
200 g chorizo (or merguez, kielbasa or any spicy fresh sausage of your choice)
(1,5 tsp chopped fresh chillies, 1 tsp pimiento and 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic)
1 green pepper, chopped
2 (small) eggs
salt, pepper
3 handfuls of roughly chopped fresh parsley

Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the box. Slice chorizo and fry on the pan. As the gloriously flavourful fat starts seeping out, throw in the peppers. Let cook on moderate heat until peppers have softened - 5-7 minutes. Especially if the sausages you're using are lean, you might want to check occasionally that there's still some fat left in the pan so they won't burn. Add some oil if needed. If your sausage isn't very spicy, add the spices now. A couple of minutes before you're donw, add the sliced red onion. This way they still retain some of their crunch. Then toss in the drained pasta and lightly beaten eggs. Remove from heat and keep stirring so the residual heat cooks the eggs. (If needed) season with salt and pepper, add a generous sprinkling of parsley and enjoy!

I'd also like to remind you all that voting in the Finnish foodblogger's monthly food challenge is now open and will go on until Saturday March 30th. The theme was apple and our entry is walnut and apple loaf ("pähkinäistä omenaleipää" in Finnish)...

...and you can cast your vote here!

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