Monday, 25 March 2013

Shopping and siesta

Owing to the domestic production Spain makes a great shopping destination, especially for shoes. Particularly the area around Calle Nueva is great for this. And they all seem to have sales all the time. This whimsical shop had just been opened on Calle Nueva too - I know exactly where my niece and nephew are going to get their souvenirs...!

If culture is your thing, another place worth visiting is Malaga's Picasso museum. The biggest and most famous of his work are the naturally hanging on the walls of big museums and personal collections of famous gazillionaires, but if you're into Picasso, this museum dedicated to Malaga's marvel is worth making time for. Another museum Malagueñas are proud of is Carmen Thyssen, named after its baroness founder.

One thing worth taking into consideration when planning visits is the opening hours. Biggest tourist attractions are usually open all day during summer, but off season they too might close for siesta.

At lunchtime majority of the shops here close their doors to reopen after siesta, around 5pm. That used to get on my spreadsheet-filling, overachieving personality's nerve. These days though... it's muy bueno, actually.

One simply has no choice but to slow down and take the time to enjoy lunch.  Though... one never hears warnings about the perils of drinking and shopping. Once you've taken the time and truly enjoyed your lunch (and the wine) , the judgement can become somewhat impaired...


There's the risk of the colourful and not-always-age-appropriate elegance of the Spanish señoras rubbing off on one. Though... mint green patent leather (with leather soles! LEATHER soles! In Finnish spring?!) are probably just the thing that's been missing in my wardrobe? And leopard print is... a timeless classic? Especially if one plans a career pulling pints at Rover's...

As far as local produce is concerned, Malaga's most famous product is probably their sweet and strong wine. Especially Malaga Virgen is something one can't escape during fería, the fair celebrated in Malaga every July.

Some of the wines are quality stuff, as our dessert wines in Ronda showed. Some on the other hand... are downright dreadful. Or an acquired taste I just haven't yet acquired? You choose.

A great way to end a grand day out is visit to the newly renovated marina. The sunset looks particularly magnificent with a drink in hand.

Bar Kaleido spoils G&T aficionados big time. There are about 20 different gins and just about as many tonic varieties. And when you add to those the different available flavourings (lime? cucumber? grape fruit? rosemary?) settling for just one drink can be hard.

And even if the lunch gets stretched a bit, no worries. The last train towards Fuengirola even on Saturdays doesn't depart until 1030pm. And missing that isn't the end of el mundo either - taxi back to Arroyo is still less than €30.

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