Saturday, 9 March 2013

The caves of Nerja

Discovered only in 1959, the caves of Nerja are one of the most spectacular places in the whole of Andalusia.

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Crikey. Petra and Cappadocia have found a worthy contender in the quest for the most phenomenal places on planet Earth - the caves of Nerja, located some 50 kilometres east from Málaga.

They are stunning. And huge. The caverns were only found in 1959 and the stalactites and stalagmites still continue the development that started  225 million years ago. Approximately one third of the caverns are open to the public and concerts are regularly held in the biggest one, known as the Amphitheatre. "This would be perfect for some Wagner", The Gentleman pointed out in his most cultivated tone.

The tiny human forms in the bottom left hand corner give you some idea of the massive scale of this formation...

Due to conservation reasons the part with prehistoric paintings is unfortunately not open to the public. The use of flash is strictly forbidden in the rest of the caves too, which really took the relationship of yours truly and her Canon to a whole new level. Shutter speed, ISO number, F-stop, framing, editing... Oy!

The caves were a lot bigger and more impressive than either one of us expected. The surreal, out-of-this world scenes are like one huge Rorschach test.

Take this one for instance. It's clearly the Catholic purgatory and a bunch of tormented souls destined for eternal damnation.

And this is something Lady Gaga's wardrobe people left behind during her last World tour. Like, 100 million years ago.

In it's cathedral-like feel this kicks Sagrada Familia's ass.

Sometimes the atmosphere is positively lunar...

...and sometimes a lot more Arctic.

If you don't have your own car, you can get here by bus at least from Málaga and Málaga airport. But however you get there, make sure you do - this is just too good to miss!

Admission €10/ adults, €6/ children ages 6-12 (under 6-year-olds free). For more information please see here.





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