Sunday, 28 April 2013

Soup Sunday: beetroots with goat cheese

After the latest dinner party I found goat cheese in my fridge. I suspect a conspiracy aiming at changing my approach to all things cheese. Apparently the classic companion to goat cheese is beetroot so that's how (once again) I attempted the mental makeover. I roasted the beets in the oven as it does provide depth and certain sweetness to them but you could also grate or cube them and boil them to save time. Depending on the size that would take 20-30 mins. If you're not a fan of rosemary, you could also use dill or thyme.

For 2

6 beets (around 550 g)
1 small onion
1 green apple
6 dl vegetable stock
1 generous tbs finely chopped rosemary
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
salt, pepper

Cut the beets to slices of about 1 cm thickness and place along with the onion into an oven dish. Sprinkle olive oil on top and season well. Roast at 200° until done - 45 mins- 1 h. 10 minutes before the end add the sliced apple. Blizz in the blender with vegetable stock and season to your liking. If you're after sweeter, more mellow taste, add 2 dl of cream or Turkish yoghurt. Goat cheese aficionados would probably want to add some at this point. Serve with goat cheese that you've whisked to runnier consistency.

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