Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dining and wining in Helsinki: Krog Madame

We left Pueblo as soon as we could. Night was still young and so were we, but we didn't want to spend any of that youth in that place. And what do you know: a hop, skip and a couple of steps away at Lapinlahdenkatu there was a promising restaurant neither of us had ever heard before: Krog Madame.


Wed decided to move there for our dessert. After which, tempted by the lovely atmosphere and great and attentive customer service decided to stay for a few glasses of wine (yes, plural. Big guns were needed to clean the palate from the nasty taste left there by the previous restaurant) And after them the tapas selection just got too difficult to resist...

The place had not been open for long, but people had discovered it surprisingly well - for weekends a reservation is a must. Later we noticed that restaurant, tucked away in a bit more challenging part of the city centre is becoming a bit of an empire: a tapas bar had been opened in the corner and another one just around the corner.

The tapas buffet alone costs €15 per person but it is included in the price of all the mains. And as far as the selection and quality of the ingredients go it's probably the best in Helsinki. The meats were of good quality and numerous salads were all freshly made. Our favourite was the one with chorizo, red onion jelly and canneloni beans. Crostinis with apricot mousse and goat cheese looked so good they convinced me to have another go at conquering my phobia of all things cheese.

Rest of the menu tells of love for Mediterranean cuisine on its both sides. Crema catalana's top could have had a bit more crunch, but the pudding itself was one of the best I've ever had.

At this point of the evening even I could not accommodate another full meal, but I'm soooo going back. For the carefully selected wine list, great atmosphere, tempting menu (lamb shanks for me, please!) and the wonderful staff.

Oh, and for a lot more of those tapas...

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