Friday, 12 April 2013

Little joys in life: lamb sausage

At Hakaniemi market hall I (as is expected) went a bit giddy and emerged with lamb tongue (!) and chicken livers among other things. After all the experimentations with seafood my culinary career is about to embark on yet more uncharted territories!

But obviously my first stop was Hakkarainen, that much-loved go-to-counter for sausages where I just had to get some of those herby lamb sausages. That I just had to have straight away...

For 2:

2 herby lamb sausages
(these were appr. 20 cm x 3 cm)
3 beets
1 sprig of rosemary
1 tsp garlic powder
salt, pepper

I rolled the sausages, secured them with a toothpick and fried them on a pan over medium heat. In another pan I fried in a little bit of oil the beets, cut into 1 cm chunks, with rosemary and garlic - first gently over a medium heat until they were tender and then cranking the heat up to get that lovely crisp exterior. Then I seasoned them and ... well, that was really it. Oh, the small joys in life...

I then drizzled some of that dark and toasty Andalusian cane honey that was also served with the Andalusian aubergines, but a combination of balsamico and honey would probably work just as well.

Another thing that works well with these is cranberry mayo: 1 dl good mayo , slightly less than 1 tbsp good cranberry jelly and whisk away!

(Initially I was supposed to make some red onion jelly but I realised I didn't have red onions. Or the patience to make it. But this is how it would be done: heat some oil in a pan, add red onions, brown sugar, caraway seeds (optional) and red wine. Reduce over fairly high heat until the onions are soft, gloriously sweet and utterly yummy)

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