Monday, 8 April 2013

Return to reality

Time has come to return to reality and (strangely snowy) Helsinki. I'm already planning the next trip back to the Andalusian sun. For some time I ill be clearing the backlog of blogs and posting posthumously, but from now on the cooking continues in my miniature kitchen in Helsinki. The limited facilities and capacity will without a doubt put my patience and hand-eye-coordination to a serious test...

Real estate agents would probably call my place "charmingly picturesque so typical for this traditional neighbourhood". I wouldn't. My entire flat is smaller than my Spanish kitchen.

But in Helsinki I have my dear friends that I look forward to gathering around my tiny dining table. In Helsinki there are also the market halls, speciality shops and so many restaurants I can't wait to try. As we spent Easter in Finland, we stayed at Hilton Strand from where we explored the city like proper tourists. It was only the second time The Gentleman has been back since he moved out of the country five years ago. There's so much beauty and new corners still to discover in this home town of mine.. Life might be Getlemanless for a while, but let the feast continue!

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