Sunday, 14 April 2013

Soup Sunday: minty peas

Though pasta is quick and easy to make, so are the soups. Especially the puréed varieties. And I should probably devote more time for them - you know, for their lightness. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional pea soup, but the minty kind is one of my favourites. Initially it was the result of an attempt to recycle the leftover minty, mushy peas that I just looove with fish (especially fish and chips!). In all its simplicity there is some... elegance to it. So this would make a nice starter to a nice dinner too. In which case this recipe would feed 3. Depending on the daintiness of the serving size, of course.

Makes a generous portion for one (trust me, you'll want some more)

3 generous tsp butter
1/2 smallish onion
200 g frozen peas
2 dl chicken stock (vegetable stock might do)
1 generous tbsp finely chopped mint
(I used fresh, but dried works too - just use a little less)
salt, pepper

Gently fry the onion in butter (it just softens the flavours completely differently than oil) until it's soft. Then add peas and cook for a while. Add the stock and continue cooking until the peas are piping hot. Then blizz in a blender (or using a hand held mixer) until silky smooth. Pour back in the pot, add the mint and season to taste.

And even if we're making quick and easy, affordable every day food... there's no point jazzing it up a bit. And you know me: everything gets better with a bit of bacon or seafood!

For this I fried 3 king prawns tossed in lime juice, garlic and chilli and seasoned with salt and pepper. You can of course just leave them out, but in that case you might want to add a bit of lime juice/ zest when you add the mint for extra zing.

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