Thursday, 25 April 2013

Turkish delights: tzatziki

We don't really ever use cream. Greek yoghurt on the other hand is a totally different thing - that we always have lying around. In huge pots. The Gentleman loves it, you see. Perhaps he thinks it's going to help him live to be 100 like the man whose weathered face is plastered on the side of the pot? No complaints there - I want to keep him around for as long as I possibly can!

One thing I've learnt from one of the guests, the tzatziki champion is that there is Turkish yoghurt. And then there are the thin, sad-looking, watery, non-fat varieties that have no place in this.

Tzatziki is one of the staples that we make so often it almost makes itself by now. So writing down the exact recipe is surprisingly tricky. But these are the ingredients.

500 g good Greek yogurt
1/2 big cucumber
1-2 tbsp mint, finely chopped
dash of lemon juice
2 big cloves of garlic

Split the cucumber lenghthways and spoon out the seeds with teaspoon. Grate the cucumber on tea towel and squeeze the liquid out. Add to the remaining ingredients and let rest for half an hour in the fridge before serving. Check the seasoning, adjust to your liking and serve.

In its versatility tzatziki is a sweetheart. Use it as a dip, serve with meatballs, with burgers, as a dressing for potato salad, in pastry fillings...

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