Thursday, 23 May 2013

Culinarism and culture in Tallinn

The Gentleman's and my roads first crossed over 7 years ago. In so many ways we're so like chalk and cheese that we are probably the ones most bewildered by the fact that the road still goes on. Relationship with the opposite sex is challenging enough as it is, even when you don't have to build it over language and culture barriers and reaching over the generation gap. That's when it becomes a venture worthy of a Nobel peace prize. But man, he makes me happy- he's not getting rid of me anytime soon!

The relationship was met with surprised scepticism by many. The answer to the often asked question "so, where did you meet?" raised even more eyebrows: "at the theatre? So you're both, like, what- culture vultures?" It was such a shame, having to ruin all their ideas by explaining that theatre, yes- but a nightclub called Theatre.

Since then we have, in addition to drinking culture, dabbled with the higher kind as well.

Even to my surprise when in Finland, I'm a  frequent visitor to Tallinn and the National Opera there. Tallinn is so close, yet in all its coy charm so completely different.

Opera's calendar is varied and the admissions are cheap. And the restaurants in Tallinn are more than enough reason to skip to the other side of the bay and pretend one understands operatic geniuses. More on the restaurants here.

If there's one thing I have learn from the operas it is this: true love ends in tragedy. Often tuberculosis- related kind. That is a fate I'd like me and the Gentleman to avoid...

There's something else Tallinn (and its fabulous bakeries) have taught me: Marie Antoinette of the "let them eat cake"- fame was one of the world's worst misunderstood humanitarians. Cakes are gooood! Especially the ones at Bonaparte's, where I always pick up at least their créme brûlée tart. I don't care what they say about Eastern European women- tarts in Tallinn are the best...

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