Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Greetings from under the Andalusian sun!

Greetings from Spain, where we have officially kicked off the asparagus season. Though... this neighbourhood freak of nature is probably something totally different than what it looks like? A mutant member of the palm tree family perhaps? I mean - that would require buckets and buckets of Hollandaise!

And there's no need to camp out in the sun - spring this year has been very fickle. There's still snow in the Northern Spain and apparently even more is on the way.

For the next few weeks I'm looking at some tanning (hopefully!), markets, exploring new places, food both during tapas marathons and in the test kitchen and also quality time with The Gentleman... And The Mother-in-Law. You will be looking at unpublished treasures until I'll find time to put together new material from Spain. 

We have also been bestowed an incredible honour: Herkkusuun lautasella, one of the leading food blogs in Finland has asked us to collaborate with them in the form of an article on the Andalusian treats and here it is!

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