Thursday, 16 May 2013

Magnificent colours of Morocco

As much as there are places to explore in Andalusia, it also makes exploring the rest of the world rather convenient - especially North Africa. Algeciras and Tarifa, both only a couple of hours drive from Malaga have ferry routes that take one to Tangiers or Ceuta in Morocco at their best in less than hour.

Being the border towns that they are, they don't exactly compare to the jewels that are Casablanca or Marrakesh - though without a doubt their initial charm, inspired by their authenticity, has suffered a bit as the streams of tourists have taken over. Though Tangiers isn't much of a jewel and its reputation, courtesy of being a key port for drug smuggling, is a bit shady, it does provide an opportunity to see some of the magnificent colours that are Morocco.

The narrow, maze-like streets of medina offer plenty of opportunities for one to lose her/himself (and her/his wallet). Good buys are those leather-strapped baskets that make Sunday market shopping spree so much more fun. Also ceramics, especially the traditional tagines make good souvenirs too as do the rugs and those traditional cast iron lanterns that come in variety of sizes - at their biggest they measure over 1 metre.

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