Monday, 27 May 2013

Swedish summer paradise

An Australian friend of mine was about to visit Sweden for the first time a little while ago and turned to me for advice and recommendations. 

The Gentleman used to live is Stockholm at one point, so that's another place we have many wonderful memories from. Last summer we holidayed there in the late August sun and it sure felt like being in a foreign country!

Considering how much time we've spent in Stockholm, it's downright silly that we've never taken the boat to Grinda. Or Vaxholm. 

But, better late than never so this time we finally did. 

Grinda Wärdshus and their lunch are well worth the boat trip and even the hike through the woods. But Vaxholm, boys and girls, Vaxholm. Oj då and herregud, it was adorable!

It's exactly the sort of Swedish summer paradise that it makes you want to tie a wreath of flowers into your hair and dance polka around the may pole.

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