Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Benalmadena Pueblo

It's time to travel back to Andalusian sun - at least in my thoughts. Nearby village of Benalmadena Pueblo is one of those famous Andalusian white villages. It's not much of a tourist attraction, which is why it has remained a lot quieter and idyllic than, say, Mijas Pueblo. It's nice to walk there though and take in the village charm.

We got there in time to witness the drive through the village of historic car society.

The sense of community that lives on in these small villages is so evident here. People gather on the pavements catching up. The air is thick with kisses being planted on cheeks left and right. Another thing that becomes clear is the loyalty people have for their restaurants. They frequent the same restaurants year after year. Everybody seems to know everybody and customers are greeted like long-lost family members.

The best restaurant in the village is in the Hotel La Fondan which has really upped their game. Only a couple of years ago the food along with the service was very bland. Now it's even warranted a recommendation in the Michelin guide.

We sat down in my favourite restaurant in the village - small and traditional tapas bar on Avenida del Chorrillo. 

Not so surprisingly I just had to have some croquetas. These had meat in them.

And just as I was busy patting myself on the shoulder, congratulating myself on having learnt ordering in a restaurant so proficiently, the inablility to actually understand any Spanish came biting back - albondigas, the meatballs, came with curry sauce.

Habas con jamón  isn't much to look at, but surprised with its taste. Taquitas, serrano ham chunks used in cooking lent the fava beans so much flavour. These I will have to make at home too!


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