Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Crawling through history in Cordoba

In addition to the Cathedral, Cordoba has so much to see one day simply isn't enough for it.  Especially if the impromptu trip takes place with no guide books, maps, proper plans and Excel sheets (I think you're starting to get an idea of what a relaxing travel companion I make...) Though most of those, too, are either churches or other religious sites.

The area around Mezquita sells - among other things - "traditional Andalusian ceramics" which in all honesty looks a lot like its traditional Tunisian/ Hebronite/ Armenian counterparts.

The Old Jewish Quarter is located right next to the Cathedral. Though there isn't anything particularly Jewish about it anymore as I learnt - having searched for it for half an hour before realizing I'd been bang in the middle of it all along.

Cordoba's Old Town is the second largest in Europe and the largest urban area declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is so beautiful and it's easy to lose oneself (and track of time!) in the serenity of its ancient little streets.

The streets in Old Town close to Mezquita are also full of charmingly old-fashioned pensionats where I definitely want to stay next time I'm in town.

History here can be found literally in one's own backyard.

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