Monday, 10 June 2013

Posh dreams in Puerto Banus

Rich history or cultural significance aren't the reasons why people flock to Marbella's marina Puerto Banus. Desire to see and bee seen is. The place doesn't even seem to come to life until right before lunch when the socialites worn off by yet another party at Ocean Club or Nikki Beach start a new day. Ladies who lunch, full of Botox in their massive sunglasses and sporting handbags with price tags every bit as massive. Old men taking out their Ferraris (and 20-something, invariably Russian-speaking girlfriends)

The marina has traditionally been the playground for the rich and famous and here the cars are expensive and the boats are huge. Though I'm not so sure how many can actually afford to take their boats out to the sea anymore: the rent alone goes up to tens of thousands of euros and filling the tank can, especially in the biggest boats, sets you back thousands more.

It's been amusing to observe the reactions shoeshops (that Spain is full of)  and their window displays have on women. Puerto Banus is a brilliant for observing this same reaction in men. There they are, casulaly walking with their wives, carrying a conversation until something like this comes along. That is a sight that stops them on their tracks as if in a trance and the oblivious wives carry on walking and talking to themselves.

In the recent years the glitz and glamour has made room for run-down tattiness, but a lot of money will still get you a lot of everything around here. And even if your budget won't quite stretch to Hermés handbags or Cartier jewellery, a magpie like me will find bling for less. Noelle Thames, an Ibiza-based Argentinian jewellery designer jas opened a hop here. My ears are sparkling now, courtesy of the three-stone earrings in the last photo!

First Saturday in August Marbella hosts Starlite Charity Gala. Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria are among the regulars. Tickets to this year's event are stil available and the prices start from measly 500 euros...!

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