Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rocky road! With popcorn!

That ice cream I made in Magnum Pop up-store wouldn't leave my head. The edginess provided by salt, crunchiness courtesy of the macadamias and the unexpected surprise that was the popcorn just worked so well I had to have some more. But even that wouldn't do it- I just had to have some home, too!

Since the size of my apartment sets some logistical limits to that I had to find another way. So I made Rocky road instead. Ice cream was substituted with vanilla flavoured marshmallows but the rest was the same. And it worked. Since poor planning leads to poor execution, I, having gone a bit giddy with the popcorn had to dash to the store to get some more chocolate. So feel free to adjust the quantities according to your desired chocolate- other stuff- ratio.

You could also use dark chocolate or a mix of milk and dark one, but I used Fazer's Blue (not because I'd get paid for it but because I genuinely think it is the best) since the saltiness of popcorn and fleur de sel provided a nice balance. Macadamias could be substitured with other nuts, too - cashews or Brazil nuts would work a treat.

600 g milk chocolate
1/3 bag of popcorn
65 g macadamias
100 g marshmallows
fleur de sel

Cut the marshmallows into smaller chunks. Melt chocolate in bain Marie. Or in a microwave oven should you have one. I don't, so I had to dash to my brother's to nuke the corn, too. Once the chocolate has melted, dump the rest of the stuff (save the salt) in it. Mix it carefully and pour into a dish lined with parchment (mine was 17 cm x 26 cm) You could use a round dish in which case you'd get nice slices. Finally add a generous sprinkle of good salt. 

Let cool for at least half an hour. Preferably for a good couple of hours or even until next day (if you can only master the self restraint) Then cut into bars of your choice. Store in cold.

The salt wasn't sponsored by anyone either. I bought it with my very own money.

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