Monday, 8 July 2013

Cherry clafoutis

Freshly cut grass, seagulls screaming as they fly across a clear blue sky, skin glowing in the sun, the smell of barbecue filling the air... Man, summer is something else. And then there's all that fresh produce! Like berries!

Kilo of cherries that I lugged back home a while ago would have no doubt vanished all on its own, but luckily I had the discipline to wait around for the 40 minutes this French delicacy requires. And the ingredients you probably already have lurking in your cupboards!

Cherries are the classic choice for this dish but you can use pretty much anything - as long as it's not too ripe and soggy. We for instance have also made this with nectarines and rosemary. Mes dames et messieurs: clafoutis!

The texture is bit like with baked custard and reminds  me of the numerous flans that me and my waistline have had the pleasure of feasting on back in Brittany.

Don't be alarmed by the way: as it comes from the oven this is billowy like a down duvet at a five-star-hotel, but as it cools, it goes down and sets.

8 portions

4 eggs
2,5 dl whole milk (or 2 dl milk and 1/2 dl cream)
1,5 tsp vanilla extract/ 1,5 tsp vanilla sugar/ 1 vanilla pod
1 dl sugar
1,5 dl flour
pinch of salt

appr. 1/4 kg cherries

Heat the oven to 175°.  Pit the cherries and place them on the bottom of a lightly buttered pie dish (diametre appr. 26 cm), cut surface up.

Whisk the eggs and sugar until pale yellow foam. Add vanilla and milk and whisk until smooth. Scatter the flour on top of the batter and quickly fold into the mix. Pour carefully on the cherries and bake in the oven for 35-45 minutes until it's golden brown and billowy. Let cool, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve. With berry compote, vanilla ice cream or custard.

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