Thursday, 11 July 2013

Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Madonna, Muhammed and Buddha

Catholic faith is very much present in Spain. There are churches and chapels everywhere you look. I find some of the forms religion takes here downright creepy.

Crucified Jesus surrounded by a fence imitating thorns in middle of the post-lunch siesta bliss...


...the altars dedicated to worshipping virginity and other ideals forever unattainable for real women...


... Jesus crying in his glass-boxed home altar...


... crosses greeting oblivious explorers in the middle of nowhere...

El Chorro

That's only the beginning of the religious diversity. These days Costa houses more and more large mosques. But the most peculiar addition to this smörgåsboard of religions would have to be the Buddhist stupa in Benalmadena.

The place, inaugurated in 2003 is used for meditation among other purposes. Stupas are regarded as three-dimensional manifestations of enlightenment. They have a soothing and protective purpose and they are believed to transform the outside world's ignorance-inflicted suffering into joy and happiness brought forth by enlightenment.

The paintings of the sanctuary are the handiwork of Nepalese artists.

The stupa is surrounded by mandalas, paintings symbolizing enlightenment and cosmos...

...and the trees around it are adorned with prayer flags.

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