Friday, 5 July 2013

First communions

After admiring the Columbus castle for a while, we continued to pueblo where restaurants were full of families celebrating the childrens' big day.

We retired for lunch at the terrace of my favourite tapas bar to observe the festivities. Caracoles was unlike any snails I'd had before. These were... strangely pungent.

Sangre on the other hand I could n. Get. Enough.Of.

Perhaps all that exposure to morcilla has maanaged to re-train my palate and approach to blood?It is commonly used in Andalusian cuisine, especially in Seville. Though in this case found myself a bit puzzled. What is this? How do they turn blood into this?

And because they are excellent here, we had berenjena frita con miel de caƱaa, too. This Andalusian treat has been featured on the blog before; both in a restaurant and in the test kitchen. My recipe needs to be revised. Perhaps the secret to the crispiness of the oh, so pale coating lies in chickpea flour? Light tempura batter?

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