Thursday, 4 July 2013

Follying around

Though apart from its small museum of pre-Colombian art Benalmadena Pueblo  doesn't have much to see, it manages to surprise sometimes. The park behind the church offers views over the coast... and this place.


For a couple of euros you can explore the folly closer. My princess within was every bit as giddy as it was perplexed.

This poor man's Disneyland that you can see lurking between the trees is one man's dream. In 1987 Doctor Martin Stephen Martin, an architecture enthusiast and a history buff started the project that took 7 years to complete. It is an homage to another man's dream: Columbus and the discovery of the New World.

The folly cheerfully combines Byzantine, Roman, Gothic and Mudejari architecture in a way that is... well, unique, shall we say.


The things people do... I wonder what I'd do if I had too much time and money complicating my life (apart from building a princess castle of my own, obviously) ? What would you do?

This is also a popular venue among the locals to have their photographs taken in the post- first communion princess bliss. This princess' entourage included (in addition to her parents) a professional photographer and a stylist (!)

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