Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hello Hanko!

After fuelling myself with carbs at Makaronitehdas my energy levels would have seen me through a marathon. My fitness levels, however, were only enough for exploring Hanko.

Hanko really comes to life in the summer - it is so beautiful and one should definitely make the trip there at least once.

There's plenty of sea which I love and miles and miles of those legendary sandy beaches...

No matter how full one's stomach is, it's hard to say no to the cakes at this cafe, Neljän Tuulen Tupa. It used to be ran by a certain Count (and General Mannerheim) who then went into politics. With a degree of success in that field too - he went on to become the president who lead Finland through war.

Sun didn't exactly spoil us señoritas urbanitas, but with everything else coming together so nicely I couldn't really complain.

Hanko's glorious history lives on in this Southernmost tip of Finland. This used to be a spa town popular among the high and mighty where the elite used to flock, to pass the season in their absurdly beautiful lace-like wooden villas.

I wouldn't say now to one of those Chechocvian dreams either . I would waltz from one room to next in my white linen dress (Miss Havisham, anyone?), twirling my lace parasol, guarding my alabaster skin as to attract a wealthy suitor over to court me.  I don't think the current paramour could afford one of these on top of that Spanish dream...

Luckily many of the old villas have been converted to pensionats where anyone can medicate the angst of depressingly wealthless and parasol-free existence, one night at a time.

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