Thursday, 22 August 2013


Unlike, say, Jordan's, a food blogger's life is not always terribly glamorous. Sure, sometimes I really push the boat out and come up with fiestas that are so good I lick the pans. Then there are days when I eat cookie dough. With a ladle. Often those days follow nights sent in great company with wine flowing and music continuing well into the morning. I wonder why that is...?

Then, when it finally feels safe to attempt upright position, the wish list features only two things:  Grease and starch (and in my case cheese puffs. Dipped in chocolate. There you have it: dark secrets of a cheese-hating food blogger, vol. 273). And this baby has them both.

This is an excellent way to use any leftover roasties or any new potatos you might have lying around. Their lure never gets old for me and as the season progresses they find a new lease on life in the most peculiar forms (check out these cocktail treats!) These, though, I've yet to try with chocolate...

For two (as if. For one. Me)

6 new/ small potatos
1 colove of garlic
1/2 onion
1 freen pepper
100 g chorizo
1/2 zest of lemon
salt, pepper
(parsley or chives)
(1 egg)

Brush the potatos and cut into 4. Toss in oil and scatter finely sliced garlic on top. Season with salt and pepper and roast at 200°  until golden and crispy - depending on the size about 20 minutes. Or you can cut them into small chunks and cook in the chorizo fat and a little bit of oil for a one-pot-wonder.

Cut the chorizo into slices about 1 cm thick. Fry in a pan over moderate heat (this way they render the fat and crispen without burning straight away) Add pepper  and sliced onion. Toss around until peppers are done. Add potatos into the pan, season, scatter lemon zest over the top and serve (Jeremy Kyle reruns optional).

For a really foodie take scatter chopped parsley or chives on top before serving. For a true hangover treat fry an egg and place that on top.

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