Saturday, 24 August 2013

Feria in Benalmadena

August is the season for ferías. These village fêtes honour the local patron saints and at their best last upto a week. And serve an excuse to get dressed to the nines, eat and drink well. Benalmadena Pueblo just celebrated theirs and as a sign of this the feria gate had been brought back from hibernation. 

In addition to people, streets and houses get dressed in their best gear too.

A local band had been brought over to entertain the audience. And their cover version of Psy's Gangnam style was... entertaining alright. But what I was after was the "free tasting of local specialties" that the paper had promised. Oh yeah, advertize free food and I'll turn fluent in any language. But there was nothing. So I had to organize my own tasting.

First it was higado  - chicken liver. And it was good. I already have a couple of ideas stewing in my head. Perhaps with some figs that are so in season right now? Spiked with some... port wine, perhaps?

Next stop was almejas, which in its simplicity was superbly light and summery. Butter, garlic, white wine, clams and parsley. At their best life's pleasure's can be so very simple.

Then there was pinchito de cordero, lamb skewer. Beautifully seasoned with exotic spices echoing rich history and faraway countries. And to go with that some local rosé, claro que si!

Here's the heroine of the hour. Doesn't seem terribly impressed with Gangnam Style either..

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