Friday, 30 August 2013

Glory, glory halleluja

Life, it throws you. Up and down. This emotional roller-coaster has left me bruised as it keeps turning my life upside down. I have just learnt that my blog has been nominated in the Best Food Blog category at the Gloria Blog Awards - the Oscars of the Finnish blog scene. Do check out the other nominees as well - you'll find them all here. Go crazy with your Google Translator - it's all in Finnish.

My journey as a blogger has been full of emotions and passion. This kind of a surprise I never would have even dared to dream of though. I'm humble. And extremely grateful. Echoing the statements made by the skiers of the yesteryear, demonstrating the sort of self-deprecation Finns are known for, my head started buzzing with thoughts like "just being nominated in a gala of this magnitude is a victory in itself". And "being among nominees this accomplished when the blogosphere is full of amazing blogs, each more visual, witty and vibrant than the next, just being nominated is an unbelievable honour". But you know what? I genuinely feel that way.

The other day, as I was updating my resumé, I got thinking how much blogging has already given me. Also in the way of life and employment skills. It forces to be responsible and keep pushing harder and harder, even when you yourself don't feel like it. Building this website has also honed my IT- skills, more than a frivolous silly humanist such as myself ever would have thought possible. And utilizing social media (for something other than stalking ex-boyfriends). It has also taught me persistence and ambition (budget management sadly not...) The feedback and awards have strengthened my confidence and faith in what I at least think I'm doing.That in turn has given me courage to actively take contact with fellow bloggers I so far have only admired from afar that I've now had the privilege of meeting in flesh.

But before you start rallying to have me canonized, trust me, there have been moments of envy and feelings of inadequacy - I mean, there are so many awesome blogs out there! And no matter how The Gentleman is one of my biggest fans, even he switches on the iPad in the morning wondering out loud what "those people at Sillä Sipuli have been up to". 

I think this calls for a celebratory drink. Or two. Here's a summery one. And seeing how it's got fruit in it, it actually counts towards those elusive five-a-day!

Half a watermelon
ginger ale
mint leaves
crushed ice

Puré the watermelon in a blender. Bruise the mint leaves with the crushed ice. Pour in 4 cl of vodka and a dash of lime juice. Then add 1 dl of melon puré and top with ginger ale.

PS. In addition to the nominated blogs, you can (work that Google Translator!) also vote for other blogs in readers' favourite- category (lukijoiden suosikki). You can vote for us (of others. Or us) here. There are even prizes to be won!

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