Monday, 12 August 2013

I never promised you a rosegarden but here you go

An Australian friend of mine from whom I inherited the brownie recipe from was just over in Helsinki. Moving from Russia to Chech. That gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore this dear home town of mine through the eyes of a tourist. And with the sun shining and the summer at its best Helsinki looked pretty damn fine. It's too seldom I actually get out of my foodblogging bubble and visit all the places Helsinki has to offer. Such as the Wintergarden. Which is just a short walk away from my place. And right now the rose garden is in full bloom!

This sword-wielding dude could not have found himself a butcher place...

In addition to roses there are a good couple of hundred other species too.

The city of Helsinki purchased this place in 1907 and at the wish of its builder, Major General Jakob Julius af Lindfors the place has remained open to the public free of charge. For this Master of Arts, foodblogger, Taurus with Libra raising is very grateful.

We have those same cactai in Spain. Though clearly not the same landscaping architect as ours look nothing like that...

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