Thursday, 5 September 2013

Alcazar Palace

In addition to the cathedral, there are two other UNESCO World Heritage sites in Seville: Alcazar Palace and The Archive of Indies, which holds documents relating to the discovery and administration of the New World. They are conveniently located within a couple of minute walk from each other, but after the cathedral we only had time for one of them: the Alcazar palace.

Built in the Moorish times the place was initially designed as a fortress. Today it is the oldest 
royal palace still in use in Europe. It is the official Seville residence of the Spanish royal couple when they're in town. Such as today. Which is why we didn't have the chance to explore the second floor.

This poor man's Alhambra is a classic example of Mudéjar architecture, though much like Alhambra, all the rulers made their own additions and alterations to reflect their own taste.

The halls, decorated with ornamental Kufic scripts got me shaking my head with disbelief. Can you believe I actually studied that language? And now... now it's all Greek to me.

For those with a weakness for Andalusian tiles this place and the ceramics display downstairs are such a treat. Yet another questionable talent to add to my repertoire.

And hey, if your company Christmas do is still missing entertainment, you can now hire me to lecture you on the influence Art Deco era had on the Andalusian ornamental tiles. Lord knows The Gentleman has gotten to enjoy that exclusive privilege for long enough. I mean, can you believe that he for instance did not know the floor tiles on our terraces are inspired by the single motive-tiles traditionally depicting scenes of everyday chores and so typical to the Delft school born in the 17th century?! 

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