Sunday, 15 September 2013

Soup Sunday: macaroni soup

Right now my mind, body and soul crave some serious comfort food. And soup - soup is just that,  like a bowl full of hugs. And for me no soup is quite as comforting as my biggest childhood treat macaroni soup.

This is a treat I've not often encountered. My Nan used to make this every time I was there. Eventually my Dad had to learn it too as I couldn't get enough of it. I've starred in several anecdotes revolving around me getting my head stuck in a pot in my desperate bid to lick off every last bit of the soup. And even I remember one trip down South visiting relatives when I ate this cold, out of a box having demanded this be  made for me for as a snack for the journey.

Two to three portions

1 l milk
2 dl macaroni

Bring the milk to boil. Then add macaroni. Simmer under lid over moderate heat until the macaronis are cooked. This is best done in Teflon-coated pot or in Bain Marie to stop the milk from burning. Even if you're making this in a coated pot you do want to keep stirring, especially in the beginning. As they cook, the starch from the macaroni thickens the soup, but in case you want it even thicker, mix 1 tbsp flour with a little bit of water (or milk) and add into the soup. Then bring the heat up (continuously stirring) and cook for another 5 minutes.




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