Monday, 23 September 2013

Tallinn for foodbloggers

I just spent a day in Tallinn, where, instead of my usual highbrow cultural pursuits I explored the city from the foodblogger's perspective. First stop was Nõmme market, located half an hour bus drive outside Tallinn. The easiest way to get there is bus - number 23 departs from Kaubamaja on Rävala side. 

The area was redone a couple of years back after the old market place was destroyed in a fire. Especially in the summer it is a popular shopping destination among Tallinners. It specializes in local producers and the market is one of the biggest ones in Tallinn.


For meat the markets close to the harbour have a bigger, better and somewhat more exotic selection. 

There are several fishmongers though and the selection is varied.

A cheese-lover is in heaven over here. If "the smellier, the better"- theory is right, then these must be good.

The best thing about the market though is the fresh produce; the fruit and veg. Sea-buckthorn for instance is crazy cheap - €5 for a kilo!

Flowers, like everywhere in Tallinn, are cheap. I hope this means the average man in Tallinn has made a habit out of spoiling his lady with them on regular basis...?

Another destination worth recommending is the local recycling centre. The one of Tatari street is the most conveniently located. Apparently they are a fairly recent phenomenon, which is why it's possible to make some fantastic finds - something that hasn't really been the case with flea markets and recycling centres in Finland for a while. This lot, together with some adorable spoons set me back €6.40! I mean, look at them! Even Hyacinth Bucket would approve of them for one of her famous candle-lit suppers!




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