Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Finnish foodbloggers' monthly food challenge: Think pink!

Having won the Finnish food bloggers' monthly food challenge, it's my honour to host this month's challenge. Thank you for all the voters and fellow bloggers! Autumn with all its seasonal produce means I'm spoilt for choice. But apart from harvest, October is also month for something else: breast cancer.

Breast cancer is #1 cancer for women everywhere. I have had my share of the excitement too. When I was living in England the doctors were trying to find out the reason for a growth that eventually (albeit only temporarily  -how else would I be operating the oven, ladle, rolling pin, camera and my laptop?) robbed me the use of my arm. The doctor's first comment was "well it can't be cancer - you're far too young for that". Which probably would have been comforting alright had it not been October and the international breast cancer awareness month with magazines full of stories about young women whom doctors had been telling the exact thing. Only to be proven wrong. In the end, thank the Lord, my diagnosis turned out to be something else. You'll find less fortunate stories here.

Due to the developments in the research, screening, treatment and early diagnoses (results from both from advanced diagnostics and women's improved awareness) there's hope these days. 90 percent of the diagnosed women are still alive five years on. But a lot remains to be done and organizations such as Susan B Komen in US and Breast cancer care in England do incredible work.

You'll find more information on hot to get involved and help on their websites - please check. 

So, this month's theme in the challenge is colour pink.

With this theme I invite bloggers to come up with pink dishes and also to get involved and raise awareness in the more traditional way: I've created a collection raising money for the breast cancer awareness campaign in Finland. A little will get you a long way if we only get enough people to join us.

Since the food challenge itself is only available for Finnish bloggers, I'd like to take this opportunity to appeal to you readers in other countries too. 

Read the stories, give money and most importantly - love your boobs and get to know them! That way you (or any hands-on help you might recruit for the job!) will be the first to feel when something isn't right. 




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