Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The fall of autumn

Though we did see snow for a couple of minutes in Helsinki as well,  so far we've been able to enjoy the most phenomenal of autumns. Glorious colours, sunny, bright days and wonderfully crisp evenings. There's no getting around it though - winter's coming. 

Autumn has always been my favourite season. It never fails to show how stunted my mental growth has been though: the huge piles of colourful leaves still make me want to run through them, kick them around and roll in them, giggling like a kid. The cool air makes me dream of plaid and chunky cable knits - a look I couldn't really pull of even quarter of a century ago.

And though there are still many great things about autumn, sun and warm climate have over the years become increasingly crucial to my will to live and overall mental health. Don't get me wrong - autumn is still ok, but its location, sandwiched between summer and winter doesn't really do it any favours. It's hard trying to rejoice over the beautiful sunny days when at the same time at the back of your head you're already fretting over when it's all going to end.

Having to say goodbye to the joys (and boys) of summer casts a nasty cloud over the joy of arrival of this glorious season. The darkness that follows just seems harder and harder to bear every year. And Lord knows I should be used to it - I come from Lapland after all! At its worst the sun won't come up at all over there! 

I should just try to focus on finding things that are good about this time. Like the we're months away from me having to even pretend I'm in bikini shape. Which calls for deep frying without a hint of guilty conscience. It also means stocking on candles and enjoying the cosy atmosphere they create. Which means a whole lot less cleaning  - nobody can see the dust in that lighting!

White wine will be traded in for red - just think of all the new varieties out there to discover! And with that my brain is already cooking up ideas for the months to come: slow-cooked casseroles, spices of the Orient that warm your soul and body, all the comforting pastas, game and traditional treats such as stuffed cabbage...

How about you? What do you have in store for autumn? What kind of food will you be turning to? And what would you like to see in the blog?




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