Friday, 15 November 2013

For a little better morning

Weekends are great. That's when you can take your time and enjoy a nice breakfast. Though not so long ago in my history there was a time, when the fridge would be empty of any nutrients. So the breakfast/ brunch/ lunch would (embarrassingly) often consist of a pizza delivered to my door. That's one of the things that becoming a food blogger has changed: now after all the cooking during the week there's no shortage of treats to turn into a delicious weekend breakfast (in bed). 

I don't know why so many breakfast classics are built on eggs. But omelettes for one are perfect for minimizing food waste - you can recycle just about anything into them. Omelette itself I only learnt to eat in a small Bedouin-run B&B in Egypt where it was the only thing on the breakfast menu. Or, so I thought. The last morning I learnt that they would have brought me anything, had I only realized to ask for it. Including full English...

This omelette provided the final resting place for cream left over from egg custard, rucola leaves left over from pork pasta, cold smoked reindeer crumbs left over from those mini quiches, a red onion crying its loneliness at the back of my fridge and sun-dried tomatos that I think I always have in my fridge. And it was a very delicious morning indeed. Just try this weekend!

2 small or 1 large omelette


6 eggs
1 dl cream
salt, pepper


1 red onion
1 generous dl cold smoked reindeer crumbs (or crumbs ofSerrano ham or bacon, fried crisp)
2 handfuls of rucola
5 sun-dried tomatos, finely sliced

Beat the eggs lightly. Whisk in cream and season.

Sauté thinly sliced onions in a little bit of oil (from the sun-dried tomatos). When they're soft, add reindeer and stir. After a couple of minutes remove from the pan. Wipe it clean and add some oil. Add the omelette- mixture and turn down the heat. Once the mixture starts setting a bit around the edges so you can lift them with a spatula lift it on all sides and let the unset mixture on top of the omelette drip to the bottom of the pan. This allows the omelette to cook evenly without the bottom drying. Once it's almost set and it won't stick to the bottom when shaking the pan, spoon the filling on one half, topping with rucola leaves and the sun-dried tomatos. Carefully fold the other half on top and serve. With some fresh herbs should you have some lying around. Add to the mix freshly squeezed orange juice, good company, sunshine peeking through the blinds, maybe a little Carla Bruni... and bonjour, world!

Omelettes don't make the prettiest of photos but they do make up for it in taste...!

Here's a little nugget of ground-breaking bizarre information by the way: Zaafran, my local kosher deli in Helsinki just announced a little while ago there'd been a successful trial and kosher reindeer(!) should soon be available!




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