Saturday, 2 November 2013

Gloria Blog Awards 2013

I'd been getting nervous and excited for a while. You know, the Biggest Event in Finnish Blogosphere: Gloria Blog Awards.

I even had my hair done. By a real professional. I never thought my wisps could look like that but Ilona from Hiusmestarit sure knows what she's doing...!

I even meant to do my nails but opening a bottle of Champagne seemed so much more urgent. And no, I didn't even get to employ the recently learnt art of sabrage  - no matter how the audience demanded it! I spent days fretting over the accessories and then, 5 minutes before the car picked us up I went for something entirely different.

I did suspect my chosen dress might be just a tad too much, yet after 2 glasses of Dutch courage I genuinely felt that tiara would definitely not be too much. Luckily the mane Magician and Tzatziki Champion, my plus one, talked me out of that one.

There was food...

And drinks...

And though I didn't win (the author of Finnish Masterchef's blog did) it was tough to mope around in company as great as this.

I may not have won, but I'd still like to thank the Academy, Jesus Christ my saviour (as if!) and all of you readers. And a special thank you goes for The Gentleman, without whom this blog would not even exist. Life (and this blog) goes on - thank you all for being part of it!




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