Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pork pasta

As the Facebook- followers of this blog already know, some time ago I bought a book on pasta. In Italian. Now, Italian is one of the many languages I don't understand and I'm fairly sure I don't exactly need another cookery book but what is one going to do? Self restraint will never be a strength of mine... Since then I've been mulling over several ideas in my head and this is the first one that got published. Our Lads who lunch club couldn't get enough of this!

At this point i'm going to have to advertise (totally spontaneously - no money was ever paid for this and no animals were harmed during the filming) a dream that a blogger colleague behind Soul Kitchen made a reality: a little shop called Hella & Herkku she just opened in Töölö. Not only do they stock just about everything you could think of but they also have about billion different sorts of pasta. I just can't praise her and her courage enough - well done!

A generous portion for 4, a slightly more reasonable one for 5-6

400 g pasta; penne or rigatoni

600 g pork ( I used spare rib)
1 large onion
2 large garlic cloves
3-4 dl good stock
4 dl cream
1 rkl mustard
6 allspice peppers
100 g rucola (spinach also works)
salt, pepper

Fry the pork strips in a pan so they get a lovely colour - in batches if need. You need the temperature to be fairly high and the more meat you have in the pan, the lower it will get and the meat will stew instead. Then remove it from the pan, add finely sliced onion and garlic and sauté them in butter until soft. Then add meat, allspice peppers and a dash of stock. Lower the temperature and let cook, covered) for an hour. Check occasionally and add more stock if needed. 

Cook pasta according the instructions of the packet. After an hour add mustard and ream into the meat and stir.Check the taste and season as needed. Drain pasta, combine with the sauce and fold in the rucola leaves.




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