Sunday, 22 December 2013

Gift-wrapping time

Year after year my giftwrapping style remains rather minimalistic. The wrapping paper tends to be brown wrapping paper (I nick from Ikea wrapping station) or plain white one. Others I've been known to use are old newspapers and pages from discarded musical note books. The ribbons (anything from old lace to silk ribbons), elaborate bows (the bigger the better!) and little decorative touches (candycanes and christmas tree ornaments tied into the bow) elevate make the gifts anything but boring

These woven paper hearts are such a timeless, Nordic classic and this year they were turned into the name tags for my Christmas presents - this time in a little more street cred black and white. Red and cardboard brown are another lovely combination, as is white and gold.


card stock in two contrasting colours

If you need, you'll find the pattern here.

Place the card stocks on top of each other and cut two identical parts (C). Cut the prongs and weave together.

Glue the ends together, trim the edges with scissors so they're perfectly even and glue the B- part in the background. Before you glue the top shut, don't forget to insert the A-part that you've folded in two for form a loop. If you want, you can decorate this with a narrow strip of the other colour.

Finish off with a hand-written message of prosperity and World peace and hey presto, your presents are done!

No matter how pretty these turned out, I doubt they'll be pretty enough to distract the recipients form the fact that their gifts are actually empty. Internet shopping and international shipping failed me miserably this year...!

With these this blog wishes all you dear readers a very happy holidays! I'll be spending my holidays at the Winter Wonderland that is Arctic Circle with my precious family and taking it easy(ish). Some posts have been scheduled to see you through the holiday and don't forget there's blog's Facebook-page which will be updated throughout the holidays. Thank you for this year - looking forward to a brand new year with all of you!




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