Saturday, 21 December 2013

Paper baubles

One of the best things about the time leading to Christmas is all the arts and crafts. It's such a wonderful thing, making things yourself from the scratch all candle-lit and a glass of mulled wine spreading its heady scent. And since soon it's time to start decorating that tree, I'm going to share this decorative tip. This is quick, easy and depending on the paper you use, something that allows you to really express yourself.

You want to use thicker, card-like paper(leftover pieces of wallpaper are great for this!). This way they maintain their shape better and it's easier to adjust them into the style you want. You can use several different patterns and colours or keep it simple by alternating between one print and a complimenting solid colour. Old musical note books are beautiful for this.

For the baubles you see in the photos I used 10 discs each, but you can use more if you want to. Before gluing the last discs together don't forget to insert a ribbon.


solid colour card stock
printed card stock
wooden beads

Using a tumbler as the pattern cut similar sized discs out of the card stock and fold in the middle.

Glue two discs together on the back. You can trim the edges with scissors afterwards. Cut a piece of string, fold it into a loop, thread through a bead and glue to the middle of the stack of discs before gluing the two last discs together.

Spread the folds depending on which paper you want more visible.




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