Saturday, 28 December 2013

Winter wonderland

I was born at the Arctic Circle, but left Lapland behind pretty much as soon as I could - having had enough of the fact one couldn't get sushi of bagels there and having had enough of people, who didn't even know such things existed.

Since then I've got to see the world, travelling in over 20 countries and having lived in several too. I think it's safe to say even the bagel and sushi-deficiency that plagued my early years has been taken care of. Much like yours truly, Rovaniemi has changed and grown since those days but I can't imagine my path ever taking me back there.

But especially when visiting the place around Christmas time it becomes obvious: in its Winter Wonderland atmosphere it can be quite a... magical place.

... until that snow melts away anyway, only minutes after Christmas Eve...!




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