Monday, 27 January 2014

Best of the best at Teurastamo

Helsinki city-dwellers have made Teurastamo their own urban oasis and back yard. These days the once busy abattoir area is known for their hammocks and barbecue in the summer and ice skating rink in the winter. Saturdays have seen them hosting a variety of events like Farmers' markets - I'm sure you all remember the solar cooking session? And the World Bites- festival?

 Several restaurants have found their new home here, along with speciality shops.  Collection of bloggers and army of their each-fancier-than-the-next-cameras got to sample their finest on Saturday.

Some of the things that the entrepreneurs have in common is passion for their trade. When it comes to ingredients, quality, freshness and local origin are the keys. Most of them are the love children of people who've taken a massive leap of faith following their dream. Such as Helsinki coffee roastery.

Oh and by the way you can also buy those old coffee bags. They make great laundry bags. Or slightly different cushions. Or latest additions to a food blogger's photo staging arsenal; already bursting at the seams...

Pasta factory, brain child of two men is a similar venture. They supply pasta and noodles for the some of the finest restaurants in town. Soon their products will be available at selected shops too.

Freshness is the key at Tuoretori, too where you can shop for the best of the local produce.

Teurastamo also houses the collection point for Makumaku, where freshness is so paramount they don't even have warehouse. Everything is specifically acquired for the weekly deliveries -  fish that got to to fish counter on Thursday will be at the customer's table later that very day!

As soon as you walk into the area, you're greeted by Roslund whose butcher family have roots over here that go back generations. Rosburger that you've already been introduced to just won't let one down. Though the pulled pork kind is at least as good!

Ho's Food is specialized in dim sum, hot pot and street food treats.

Flavour Studio is the product of the tiny cocktail giant A21, once selected the Best Bar In The World (as in, for real). They do cooking lessons. And obviously insanely delicious cocktails!

Lovely lads of B-Smokery take their meat seriously. And boy, ca you taste it! Slowly (roasted) does it!

Teurastamo also houses Jädelino, the product of a dream two women came up with in Italy. Their ice cream is delightfully dense (cream and other real deals, people!) though they also  make sugar-free Stevia ice cream and lactose-free soy creams.

A distillery is also in the cards! Are you?




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