Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hasta la vista 2013!

The year gone by was this blog's first ever, so don't expect too cutting-edge analysis on the performance and outcome (at least for another 2 weeks, when the blog will celebrate it's 1-year anniversary!)

Here's a sample of the what we got up to last year though - your Top 10 favourites!

The list is quite different from what the readers in the Finnish side of this blog go for but one thing seems to have set all of your hearts racing: albondigas, Spanish meatballs have never left the top 10 since they were originally published!

With new hopes, dreams, goals and expectations we'll soon kick of year 2014 in recipes. You and all your comments and feedback hopefully still in tow. Gracias, bienvenido and vamos!

Oh, and don't forget you'll find the blog on Facebook too! There you'll find sneak previews of what's to come and other behind the scenes snapshots. Feel free to like!




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