Sunday, 26 January 2014

Orange curd tart

From my friends who read this blog (yes, there are some out there!) I've learnt that this blog has a cake index. Based on the foods I cook they can diagnose my state of mind. And when there's cake, I am apparently in the need of therapy.

So, for those of you reading the blog now, relax. Nothing to worry about. I'm fine. This is a happy cake!

And sort counts towards the five a day, right? Five slices a day anyway - it's that good!

Instead of regular flour you could use almond flour. Some of the flour could also be substituted with oat flour (not very much though as that makes the crust too sandy and brittle). Instead of orange curd you could use lemon curd, for which blueberries would be a wonderful accompaniment.

For the tin I used (28 cm diameter) you need 1 portion of orange curd.

Recipe for the crust is the same I used for egg custard and salmon and spinach tart. This time I added 1/2 dl of sugar into it too. In order to play up the orangey notes you can also grate the zest of 1 orange into the dough and, instead of water, use orange juice.

Prepare the dough for the crust, wrap in cling film, roll into a thin sheet to cover the bottom and the sides of a fluted, loose bottom tin. Let set int he cold for half an hour, brush with the egg white left over from the orange curd (or just blind bake for about 15 minutes), pour the orange curd into the shell and bake at 175° for about 20 minutes until the crust starts getting a bit of colour.

Let cool to room temperature and then chill for a couple of hours before serving. Sprinkle berries on top and serve. And enjoy. And help yourself to another slice.




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