Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fabulous Fiskars

Over the weekend we fled the gray and rainy Töölö to... an equally gray and rainy Fiskars, a small village about an hour away that is home to all sorts of artisans and crafters and which this years celebrates its 365th anniversary.

Much like the previous road trip destinations Hanko and Tammisaari, in the summer it too becomes one of those ridiculously cute summer paradises, but there's some magic there off season too.

There's nature...

... such as duck confit in its original form. Loud buggers, I'll tell you that. And much like their cousin Donald, these too have opted out of wearing trousers in public. Tut tut.

There are adorable little shops...

And even more adorable little cafés. Remember Petris Chocolate Room that I gushed over in Töölö? There's one here too!

I mean, cute, right? I can't wait to return here over the summer - for a mini-break in the too-cute-for-its-own-good Fiskars Värdshus...!




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