Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Habas con jamón

This tapas classic shows just how simple they can be. The combination of beans and sausage or jamón constitute the basis for many of them. Chickpeas, or garbanzos as they're known in Spain and chorizo are another classic combination which you will soon find on the blog as well. Habas con jamón; fava beans with jamón Serrano is another. Quick, easy and muy delicioso. You have already bumped into this at lunches in Benalmadena.

This is traditionally made with taquitos, Serrano cubes used for cooking. Those are what I, too, used as I still had some from my last trip to Andalusian sun. They are leaner and have a stronger flavour than, say, bacon or pancetta cubes, but feel free to use them instead. If you're using Jamón Serrano, the best choice is the sort of darker and aged variety or paleta

At simplest this calls for nothing more than olive oil, taquitos, fava beans and salt but I've seen people add lemon juice and herbs (either parsley or mint) into it too. Some add onions and I can't imagine a bit of garlic ever making anything worse!

As the natural light is such a rare commodity (as anyone even attempting to photograph food in the winter is bound to discover) I used frozen, pre-cooked favas. Whether or not you peel yours is entirely up to you - people do it both ways. Personally (like with chickpeas) I like the texture better without the skin. Peeling them also makes justice to the wondefruylly vibrant green colour of these little babies. 

As a tapa this feeds 2-3 people

500 g fava beans (without the skins that's about 400 g) 
100 g taquitos (or bacon, pancetta or lardons)

Heat some oil in a pan. If you're using onoin, chop it finely and add now. Sauté but don't let it get any colour. Then add taquitos and cook until piping hot. Then add beans, stir and continue cooking until they too are hot all the way through. Season if needed.

Drizzle some lemon juice (optional) and scatter the herbs (equally so) on top and serve.




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